Custom Rugs

The prefabricated floor coverings available are not the right choice for everyone. There are many reasons for considering handmade or custom rugs.

Unlimited Selection
Buying accent rugs can be a frustrating experience. Retailers cannot afford to carry large inventories, so the selection is limited not only in numbers but also in sizes and shapes. It is much more efficient to make the rug using the size, shape and materials you want. Not only is it less expensive, but what you get is exactly what you want. You, your interior designer or decorator define the size, the shape, and select the materials.

No Guesswork
Before we make the rug we produce a pattern accurate to one thousandth of an inch (.001) that represents the rug in its relative colors. You can view an actual size drawing of the rug beforehand if you wish. Once you approve the drawings, the rug is made exactly from the pattern. No guesswork!

Unlimited Possibilities

  • Area rugs over bamboo, hardwood or ceramic flooring
  • Multi-colored borders on wall-to-wall carpet installations
  • Patterns inset into your wall-to-wall carpet
  • Custom cut area rugs with borders and/or patterns inset
  • Change the look of your room with minimal effort
  • Wall hangings
  • Company logos
  • Signs

We will be happy to work with you on all your custom carpeting needs. For detailed information and pricing, please contact us and one of our specialists will start to work on a solution to your flooring needs. Or, you can visit us in our showroom where we will be happy to help you design your custom carpet.

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